ILA DOOEL was established as an import export concern to source parts and materials for production companies in Macedonia.

We believe that our size makes us very well suited to respond to any of our customers’ needs.
Since 2004 we are the Macedonian procurement partner for SharrCem SH.P.K (Sharr Beteiligungs GmbH) located in Kosovo. We assist them with sourcing spare parts and consumables from all over Europe, the Balkans and specifically Macedonia.

So far we trade with more then 600 different product and we have as our business partners more then 100 companies. Some of the products we have sourced includes, bags for filling cement, pallets, steel wire ropes for cranes, metal sheets (steel, Prochrom and Hardox), wood, air blowers, electrical and electronic parts, bolts and bearings, welding rods, lubricants, light and heavy vehicle tires, forklifts, furniture and small tools, safety equipment, and more.

In Macedonia we purchase parts and supplies on their behalf. We also collect parts from other production companies with whom Sharrcem has direct contracts. We prepare the export documentation to Kosovo and also take care of the transport arrangements. Currently we do export every week for their needs. Through this we have been able to help them save costs by reducing the number of export declarations and transport trips.

We also have access to warehouse facilities should the need arise. We believe that our experience makes us well suited to source and exports goods from Macedonia or anywhere else into Balkans.